Growing up watching Tyra Banks show, Oprah and Ellen, I knew that I had something in common with these people. Something other than the flesh and bones or even the language. Every time my fascination for having a show of my own and inspiring people became more and more. Living in Iran made this dream of mine hard to live even though so many people had told me that I have the voice for it! Little did I know that by moving to Poland, I would be having my first very own show called Viv’s World.
37 How To English
by Viv

دقیقا از روزی که من اجنبی رو شروع‌ کردم مردم یک قسمت در مورد یادگیری زبان انگلیسی میخواستن. چون من کار اصلیم تدریس نیست سخت بود ضبط کردنش تا همین الان! برید قسمت ۳۷ اجنبی رو گوش بدید تا جواب همه‌ی سوالاتونو بگیرید!

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37 How To English
36 DON'T Be Demi
35 Enough Is Enough
34 Ajil Collab
33 Moving OUT
32 Let Them Know
31 Perfection Sucks
30 The Internet
29 The Shift
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